EA Sports MMA Packaging Revealed

After some poking around I stumbled upon what looks to be the packaging for the upcoming EA Sports MMA game.  EA finds itself in an foreign territory with this game because they’re in the unfamiliar position of not having access to the best athlete likeness rights.  You see, the UFC employs a big percentage of the world’s best mixed martial artists, and they recently came out with their own game.

Nonetheless, EA is chugging forward with their game.  They have Fedor Emelianenko, thought to be the best heavyweight on the planet, and they managed to snag Randy Couture during the five minutes that both he and Dana White had sand in their vaginas

As for the game itself, it looks like they’re filling the void by branching off into truths of the fight game that the UFC avoids.  Here’s the box: 


The game looks pretty good until you turn it over and see what they were left with without a UFC license.


Of course, I know a way the game can be saved from all ills, whatever else befalls it. 

Two words:


(Edit/Addition:  I just saw on the EA Sports MMA page that they have added Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral and television actor Richard Belzer to the game.  Wait, that’s Frank Shamrock?  Shit.  Father Time by decision.  And as for Sobral, Mousasi did things to him not even a month ago that are illegal in 49 states.  But hey, I know if I wanted to hype up my game the first thing I’d do is front page a dinosaur and some guy who just got steamrolled in a minute and a half.)


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