I’m a freelance writer/graphic designer/game enthusiast.  This is a blog about the various games I play.

I like RPGs (I’m a sucker for grandiose storylines and have developed an immunity to awful writing voice-acting that actually allows me to play these games without hanging myself), especially strategy RPGs and those with good production values. I own almost every game that Nippon Ichi has ever released, as well as every Final Fantasy game, every Suikoden game except for Tactis and Tierkreis (which were both shit) and every Xenosaga game. I also enjoy collectible card games and was a player of Magic: The Gathering for many years, as well as a columnist. So there may be some posts about those sorts of games in here.

I like beat’em up games with RPG elements (read: Dynasty Warriors games from KOEI), almost everyone else hates these except for people of suspect sexuality who enjoy dressing up as the characters.

Finally, I enjoy many sports in a sabremetric, non-jock sort of way. Currently I am most into basketball and MMA, but that could change.

Some of my favorite game series of all time are:

Final Fantasy
Super Robot Wars
Shadow Hearts
Shin Megami Tensei
KOEI Warriors (Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Orochi)
Front Mission

This blog is going to be filled with whatever comes into my head re: video games, sports, amusements of any stripe.  There’s going to be lots of off-color humor and references that no sane human being would get.  I play a lot of games that 99% of people can’t stand, and so what I’m trying to do here is create a land of misfit toys.

Try to enjoy.




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